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Purchase Additional Equipment


All Exhibitors must register online for booth or exhibit space and can order all equipment needed during online registration.

If after you have registered, further additional equipment is still needed, please use this page for any extra equipment needed. 

Price: $0.00

One show fee is required per exhibit room needed.. Example -If you require two rooms, two show fees would be selected.

Michigan Shoe Traveler annual dues are mandatory and are to be paid at the first Michigan Shoe Market you attend each calendar year.

$5.00 each for EXTRA directory listings required (Directory Listing #3 and above). The first two directory listings are included in your exhibit fee.

Complimentary dinner for all EXHIBITORS by RESERVATION ONLY. $15 charge for each guest you bring. Complimentary Bar - 6:00 p.m. Dinner served at 6:30 p.m. If unable to attend after reserving space, please let the office know 48 hours in advance.

Extra Salesman Fee is required for each extra exhibitor - $90/each

Please list name of each extra salesperson, separating the names with a comma

Late fee is due now if you are registering after the Registration Deadline Date (the date is posted at the top of this form).

Select the number of 4ft. table risers your require.

Select the number of 6ft. table risers your require.

Select the number of 8ft. table risers your require.

Select the number of 4ft. tables you require.

Select the number of 6ft. tables you require. (Typically 2 to 3 tables can fit in each exhibit room).

Select the number of table cloths you require.

Price include LED Spotlight with Pole Base